What is the Best Bolt pattern for Honda 250EX?

Bolt pattern for Honda 250EX
Bolt pattern for Honda 250EX

Bolt pattern for Honda 250EX is the main stuff that you will always need when you want to modify you motor. Some of people are curious about the bolt-on engine modification and the price as well. If you to do modification on you 250EX here are several places that will need bolt-in. They are UNI filter or airbox mods, exhaust, airbox delete, carb swap, tires and wheels, other far stuff will be nerve bars. After you know about the place where the bolt-in should be, you may consider about how much you should buy for the bolt. Actually it depends on your pocket.

How many I Should Use the Bolt-on Modification

When you do modification you have to handle everything including your financial. If you want to do modification but has limited financial while you really need bolt then you can set aside little of your dollars just for bolt. You can take around $250 to complete your modification. The details are 30 bucks for airbox mods or UNI filter with a few bucks for jets. Then for exhaust you can get a slip-on or you can take the full set that is around 150 bucks up to 450 bucks and few for jets. For airbox, it is free and you just need several dollars to reject. You have to do reject after installing the aftermarket air filter or aftermarket exhaust. Then other detail dollars for your Honda 250EX bolt pattern is 200 bucks or less for carb swap and around 200-400 buks for your tires and wheels.

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What type of Built is the Best for Honda 250EX?

Many types of bolt pattern for Honda 250EX produced by Honda. You may get confuse to choose which one is the best for you motor. Here are several types of bolt pattern that you can choose. Bolt pattern that has four cylinders and four circles with details as 2.0” ATV wheel spacers with 4/110 bolt. This one is made from 6061 billet aircraft aluminum that is same with OEM. The lugs has 4/110mm bolt pattern, the grade 10.9 lug bolts that built into the spacers is same with automotive studs. The package includes with Nylock self-locking Lugnuts and washer. It is install with a standard deep wall socket. The price is around $110.

Other bolt patter will have more circles like consisting of 8 circles. Usually the bolt pattern is made specialized with the year production as well. It means every bolt pattern will have different shape that is made according to the year-production. Thus you have to check your motor TRX 250EX year-production firstly. The TRX 250EX that has year production that start around 2000 up to 2005 will have Honda 250EX bolt pattern 4×144 for front and 4×110 for rear. The OEM tire for front is 22x7x11 and the rear is 22x11x9. The OEM wheel of front is 10×5 while the rear is 9×9.

Types of Lugs in Bolt Pattern

For some people, they probably do not know very well about the term of bolt pattern and the lug. Some of them may call it with bolt pattern with circle. The circle is actually the lug that designed on the bolt. There many types of lugs that exist on the Honda dealer. You can choose the one that is suitable for your motor type. There are bolt pattern that has three lugs, four lugs, five lugs, or even eight lugs. The bolt pattern for Honda 250EX has various lugs. The three lugs is the diameter of virtual circle passing through center of all three bolt holes. The example of three lugs is it has 3/90 bolt pattern, when measurement A is 90mm.

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The four lugs is the middle of two holes directly across from one to another. The example of this model is 4/110 bolt pattern, when indicated measurement is 110mm. the five lugs is the back of one hole of the center of the second hole. The example of this model is 5/110 bolt pattern, when indicated measurement is 110mm. The usual model that is used for bolt pattern for Honda 250EX is the one that has 4-lugs with 4/110 bolt. If you are not sure about which bolt pattern is used for your motor, you will need to find out it previously, before you buy the set of your motor wheels. The simple way is by finding out your motor year-production.

Description: bolt pattern for Honda 250EX has various types. The simple thing to decide what types of bolt pattern you should is by seeing the year production of your 250EX.


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