How Fast Can a Honda 250EX go on the Road?

How fast can a Honda 250EX go on the road. When you have 20EX you have to know that is motor i s slightly different with the 400EX or 300EX. You will see based on the design body and the performance. The 300EX and 400EX is known as the real sport motor ATV while 250EX is not a sport ATV though it indeed has sort of sport design on the body. If you want to get the real ATV motor with fast speed then you better to buy the four-wheels like 300EX or 400EX. But if you have already buy the 250EX one, then you do not have to feel worry and sad since you still can set a little higher speed on it. Then how to make it appear?

What to do to make 250EX speed faster

If you have already bought 250EX, you still can set its speed by mods. The standard of 250EX is actually around 40mph but with a good handle and creativity, you can add more speed for it. The stop speed will increase on the moderate level like around 50mph. many people who has becomes a pro or senior riders admit that 250EX is not a blaster motor that go to higher level. But still you can make it run a little bit faster than you usually do. Blaster is oil injected on the motor. What you can with blaster to know how much Honda 250EX can go faster is by pull high plug cap off and just set it back slightly. Then you can rice it on the road.

What is the best way to add more speed on 250EX

If you have 250EX with HMF full drilled out air box stock filter and 4th gear then you can make top up speed at around 45mph on the rock pavement cover road. It is pretty fast for 250mEX. You can add trail-tech computer so you can do maneuver better. Then how fast can a Honda 250EX go on the road if you add some other great machine stuff? It depends on the stuff you put it. There many types of things you add for your mods. The best stuff that can load the speed significantly is the tires. Tires really help a lot with your motor speed. Once you have great tires, your motor can reach top speed at around $57 or 59 mph.

How to do with Tires

What you have to do with the tires to know how much Honda 250EX can go faster is by put some ITP hole shots on it for god acceleration racing on the short track. Once you do so you may reach speed at 53mph point. If you use bigger tires it will do the opposite. You 250EX will not run faster and becomes rather slow. The best types of tires that recommended for you are the smaller tires. It can add higher acceleration and can be extremely fast.

Tips to make 250EX goes higher and faster

There are several tips that are easy to follow. You can try these following tips and see what you get. Some tips here will not use internal engine machine. You just use some manual mods that can increase your motor speed. First tip is by removing the air box lid and get new filter. One suggestion for choose the best filter is the K&N. Next tip you can follow when somebody throw question this like how fast can a Honda 250EX go is by modify the pipe. You can use FMF Megamax pipes and custom that you make by yourself. You set it up as you want.

You can recognize about the thing that placed on the back of the air box right above the bottom, you can drill a hole there which is one inch or larger across. To maintain your engine machine further so it will not break or damage you can try to re-jet the carb. It is because the wrong carb setting can affect to your engine durability. You can use guidance to take care it off. You can add this several things to make how fast can a Honda 250EX go. Others you can give some addition features like using different front and rear bumpers and near bars.

Description: How fast cans a Honda 250EX go is depend on the mods you do. Normally it will go up higher up to 5omph or so by using smaller tires.

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