Honda 250EX Spec and Details

Honda 250EX Spec and Details
Honda 250EX Spec and Details

Do you want to look for a new all vehicle terrain (ATV)? Nowadays, there are many ATV types which can be found easily. One of the best all vehicle terrains is Honda Sportrax 250EX. This type of ATV can be the flagship from the Honda manufacturer which can compete with the other ATV motors at its class. This sport motorcycle is designed for those who want to have recreational motor from various level skills.

This sport bike is featured with shaft drive which is free of maintenance and a clutch which automatically. Besides that, it is also equipped with great performance suspension and the powerful engine which make this sport bike attractive and appealing for not only the entry level users and veterans. The Honda 250EX specs come with the best quality parts. Here are the specifications of Honda 250EX


Engine can be the main parts of the sport motor, including in this Honda all vehicle terrain. This sport bike is featured with single cylinder of air cooled which is a 229 cc and this sport motor is also equipped with the four stroke engine which is longitudinally mounted. Because of that, the direct alignment of drive shaft to the rear wheels allows a more power transfer efficiently. The engine is also equipped with a 2.7 inch of bore and it is also featured with 2.45 inch of stroke. Besides that, the engine is also completed with electric starter and 0.87 inches of piston valves.


Transmission is also the primary part in the Honda 250EX specs. This sport bike is equipped with the high quality of transmission. In this sort bike, there is a transmission which has four speeds. Besides that, this all-terrain vehicle is also featured with gear ratio of sport riding, reverse and a clutch which make the shifting accessible especially for the entry level or beginner riders.

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Besides the transmission, the main spec of this Honda all-terrain vehicle is the suspension. This Honda ATV is featured with double wishbone front suspension and it is also equipped with a swing arm from steel with the absorption of back shock which preserve this vehicle with travel in the front measured 5.9 inches and travel in rear measured 5.7 inches. Besides that, the chassis of this ATV is made from double cradle steel which is lightweight and it designed for the recreational riding experience.

Brakes and Fuel Capacity

This ATV has a great braking power and this vehicle is featured with 6.85 inches of dual hydraulic disk brakes which is placed in the front wheels. It also equipped with a back mechanical drum brake which is sealed completely. Besides the brakes, this vehicle is also equipped with the medium-size large of fuel tank. There are a 2.7 gallon of fuel tank and 0.7 gallon of reserve tank.


The last Honda 250EX specs are the dimensions. This motor has dimensions, 41.8 inches wide, 42.2 inches high and 6.83 inches long. In addition, there is a ground clearance measured 5.9 inches and a wheelbase measured 44.3 inches. This vehicle has 9.2 feet of turning radius and 349 lbs of dry weight

Description: Honda 250EX specs come with the high quality parts. There are several specifications of this ATV and they are dimensions, brakes, engine, transmission, and fuel capacity.


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