Choosing best big bore kit for Honda 250EX

big bore kit for Honda 250EX
big bore kit for Honda 250EX

Hey, friend, how are you? In this occasion, I will talk about the kinds of big bore kit for Honda 250EX. It is the element of the engine, which will influence the performance of your ATV. The nice kind of the bore kit, the better performance you will get. Some kids of the nice big bore kit for Honda 250EX are available in the market, which you can choose. I have several kinds of it below and you can consider every type to find the best one.

BBR Motorsports 88 Big Bore Kit with Cam

Talking about the kinds of great big bore kit for Honda 250EX, you can see BBR Motorsports 88 as the one of your choices. It is one of the nice parts of the ATV, which will give the powerful performance for you. It uses the BBR aluminum cylinders, which will durable detail. In other hand, it has 52mm flat-top piston, rings, and pin to give the powerful performance. To have this kind of bore kit, you need to prepare around $260.

BBR Motorsports 120cc Big Bore Kit with Cam 411-HXR-1001

For the next choice, the BBR Motorsports 120cc can be your consideration. It is one of the great choices in big bore kit for Honda 250EX for the awesome performance of the ATV. The bigger piston here will increase the power of the engine. In the package of the product, you will get the heavy-duty valve springs, performance camshaft, clips, and others. The price of it is around $230.

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BBR Motorsports 175cc Big Bore Kit with Cam 411-HCF-1501

As its name, the BBR Motorsports 175cc will be nice choice when you want to modify your ATV becomes the sport class. We all know that the sport class of it will need the more engines to increase the performance. Inside this nice big bore kit for Honda 250EX, you will get the complete parts of engine with the high quality. The aluminum and the nice other material will control its performance. Prepare $248 to get it.

New 2007-2014 Honda TRX420 TRX 420 Rancher ATV Big Bore Kit

The last example of the bore kit, which you can choose, is New Honda TRX420 TRX 420 Bore Kit. It is one of a nice choice because this bore kit is genuine from Honda manufacture. It is special designed for the ATV and it will be effective to increase the performance. With the high quality OEM parts, I am sure that you will be glad with it. The manufacture claims that it will be able to increase the performance up to a 500 class! The price of it is around $524.

Based on the explanation above, we all know that there are some choices of big bore kit for Honda 250EX when you want to upgrade the class of your ATV. However, before choosing the kind of it, you need to consider the detail and the version of your ATV!

Description: big bore kit for Honda 250EX can be a nice choice to get the more powerful ATV. See the catalogue to find the best choice, as you want!

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